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    From Refit & New-Build Supervision, to Purchase Advice and Valuations, Waterproof Consulting can offer professional and experienced services across Europe.
Refit Supervision

Any refit project benefits from professional input from the outset; the refit supervision maybe a follow on from a pre-purchase survey or the improvement of an existing asset. Waterproof Consulting can provide independent un-biased advice ranging from where to carry out the works, budgeting, finalising technical specifications and of course on the ground supervision and reporting. Previous experience of dealing with disputes between owners and shipyards that have arisen as the result of poor supervision and communications confirms my conviction of the importance of having an independent representative involved.

As with new build projects, refits can run into difficulty with communications, we at Waterproof Consulting pride ourselves on our communication and reporting skills, we use a set reporting format that has been formulated in conjunction with the yard and the client so that all reporting between the relevant parties is kept clear and precise, avoiding any potential misunderstandings and disputes. In my experience shipyards in the main prefer to deal on a day to day basis with a surveyor rather than Captains or Owners.

Reports are provided to the client and the yard after each yard visit and photos are up-loaded to a designated project website that can be accessed only by approved persons when and whenever they wish. Our aim with any project is to ensure that it is of the highest quality, on budget and on time, and should there be issues that arise after delivery and Waterproof Consulting can provide a post refit inspection service after each season during the warranty period of the works.